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Where in the world is Nakatsu?

Here’s a map of where I will be, approximately, courtesy of google maps.

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

Nakatsu (中津市, Nakatsu-shi?) is a city located on the northern border of Ōita Prefecture in Kyūshū, Japan. The city is situated on the border with Fukuoka Prefecture.

The city was founded on April 20, 1929. As of 2008, the city has an estimated population of 84,179, with a population density of 171 people per km². The total area is 491.09 km².


Nakatsu is a castle town centered around Nakatsu Castle, which is open to visitors. The modernised interior comprises a museum with samurai armor, old maps and information about Rangaku (Dutch studies), for which Nakatsu was an important center in the Edo era. There are also views from the top of the castle keep.

Visitors can also see the residence of the most celebrated member of the Okudaira Clan of Nakatsu, Fukuzawa Yukichi, and the memorial hall there. It is close to the castle and 15 minutes walk from the station.

Nakatsu’s Mt. Hachimen is also home to the popular music festival, Concert on the Rock. This annual charity event sees over 30 international acts performing over a June weekend.


Nakatsu City is located in the northwest corner of Ōita prefecture, Kyūshū. To the east of Nakatsu is Usa City, and to the southwest is Hita City. Nakatsu touches the border of Fukuoka Prefecture on its west. To the northeast is the Suohnada Sea. The city covers an area of 491.09 square kilometers, 80% of which is mountainous. There is a wide stretch of flat, agricultural land which begins at the mouth of Yamakuni River and extends to Mt. Ehiko

Of particular interest is this information on Rangaku, or “Dutch Studies”. Quite a coincidence since I just so happen to be a Dutch citizen (as long as I renew my passport in time 😀 )

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