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Questions questions…

This Saturday, June 13th is the JET orientation for those of us in the Boston area. (Oops! I just gave away my super secret location to all you creepo’s out there…so much for being safe.) It’s being held in the Children’s Museum in downtown Boston. I’ve been once quite some time ago, but they’ve renovated recently (I believe) and have a fully functioning Japanese house as one of their interactive exhibits. JET thought it prudent to orient us with how to live in a Japanese house, I suppose. Anyway, it should be interesting. It’s pretty much an all day event from 10-5, with a boozing (I mean socializing) reception afterwards at the wonderfully named “Barking Crab” in the vicinity.

No doubt moving to a new country is going to be challening, so I’m interested to see what exactly will be discussed at the orientation. I have been brainstorming a few questions I should write down and ask while I have the opportunity, chief among them being:

  • How on earth am I supposed to pack my life’s belongings into two suitcases, along with the stacks and stacks of おみやげ (Omiyage, souvenirs), and all the other things we can’t buy in Japan and have to bring from the U.S. in bulk? (see: Toothpaste, deoderant, condoms?, sheets?, pillows?) The last thing I want to do is spend my first day in Nakatsu shopping for sheets…I exaggerate but it is something to worry about. I’ve asked some of my friends who are doing the JET program now how they managed, so we’ll see what they say as well.
  • When exactly will I hear from my contracting organization? According to the e-mail I received they should send me a contract to sign at least by mid July. I’m hoping it will be sooner than later so I can contact them to introduce myself, and get acquainted with the people and places I will be working with. At this point all I know is the city and the prefecture. I don’t know who I’ll be teaching, where, and how many, which I am eager to learn.

I have never been a big question asker. I generally listen to what others ask and work from there. This works out most of the time, as I am very low maintainance and don’t need to know everything in order to be happy or successful. In this case, however, I find it important to know as much as possible, since I’ll be in an unknown place, with unknown people, all by my lonesome. It’s quite daunting actually. These two questions are the only ones I have been able to think of so far, but perhaps I am forgetting a few. I’ll update with more as they come to me, and of course I’ll be posting about my experience at the orientation after the fact!

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  1. PopTop
    June 8, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    Good luck, Datcheroo! Looking forward to read about your travels and experiences.

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