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The End, The Beginning

How serendipitous that, on the day I say goodbye to Watertown Middle School and all the kids and teachers I’ve come to care a great deal for, I receive in the mail my contract and further information concerning my employment at the JET program in Nakatsu city. As one journey ends, a new one begins. I promise that is about as sappy as I am going to get, but you just can’t ignore the coincidence.

I’ll begin with the end. Wednesday the 17th was my last day at Watertown Middle School as a…well…intern? student teacher? volunteer? My title was never really nailed down; not that it matters, of course. I could have never imagined how educational, entertaining, frustrating, chaotic, wonderful (pick your adjective, I experienced it) my time at the middle school was. I learned so much about the teaching process, about the school system, about kids and about myself. There’s no way I can sum up in one single entry what I learned, and I won’t try to. I’ll do it in two! (Ha. Probably a few more than two) But the most important thing to convey at this moment is that I will look back on my time there and have nothing but fond memories. Sure, some of those kids are so damn frustrating. And sure, sometimes the school system left me entirely confused, (Is it fourth period? First Lunch? Second Lunch? Why are all these kids in the library?!) yet as a whole the good experiences outweigh the bad ones one hundred fold.

So, to Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Levitt, Mrs. Wilson, to Jorge and Julya, Valeria (with the accent on the “le” by the way), Amal, Isabela, Barbara, Varham, Ohanes (Hoviq?), Raj, Omar, Shafi, Fawad, Shah, (Asalam Aleikum) Jonathan, Mark, Tamara, Nicky, Chareen, Amanda, Ketila, Noreen, Marva, Irum, Palavi, Kavita, Kailine, Nischal, Justin, Abid, Ulises, Rafael, Thansuda, Sebastian, Maryam, and to everyone else (though I don’t think I forgot anyone, please help me if I did), I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for making my Watertown Middle School experience so fantastic.




(hontou ni doumo arigatou gozaimashita: truly, thank you very much)

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