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Odds and Ends

Just a few things tumbling around in my mind.

  • Word press has this neat stats page that tracks all of the views to your blog. It also tells me how these views occurred. For example, it tells me that three people visited my site from Caitlin’s blog Pretty you may be…. Also, it tells me that one view came from someone who did a search for “Sanford Middle School” on wordpress.com. I don’t know where Sanford Middle School is, but I’m glad they found me. It’s really quite addicting, this stats page. One day, I had over 45 views in one day. It made my day!
  • I ordered a new computer from Dell July 14th. After I ordered it, I noticed that it will arrive on or before August 3rd. That is two days after I leave for Japan. I just called Dell Customer Service to see if I could do anything to expedite the process. The woman I talked to was the nicest person I’ve spoken to in days! My goodness, they sure know customer service in India.
  • I have an entirely new wardrobe! New suits, new pants, new socks, new underwear, new shoes, new shirts! The only thing missing is a brand new bag. Daddy don’t got a brand new bag…yet.
  • I’m going to see the new Harry Potter movie with my dad tonight at 9:00 PM. In preparation, I watched all five previous HP movies, though I had my eyes closed through most of the first two. Cringe-worthy, how bad those are.
  • There are 10 days left before I leave.
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