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A quick word

I have internet!

My long absence will soon be over, and you will all be able to enjoy (or at least read) my musings and my adventures at a more relative time. Meaning posts will not be coming two weeks after they were originally written! Well, that’s the plan anyway, I do like to plan.

I will also be updating and fixing up some of my older posts which I had been just posting as fast as possible with very little eye towards editing or whatever, so be prepared for an all new and improved Dashinoita blog!

Until later (though soonish!)


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  1. dotbearman
    October 3, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    sso happy to hear from you.. we think of you a lot…lots of love..foufou and syd…Peter is here now looking after us and peri comes back next week. WE ARE SO LUCKY !!

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