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So on Friday, to celebrate Halloween I taught some classes not at all related to the books we are supposed to use. To be perfectly honest, I only have my kids use the book once in a blue moon anyway, but Friday was slightly different.

For the sixth graders, I made a worksheet with six monsters on them. I taught them these monsters in English: Witch, Mummy, Vampire, Ghost, Werewolf and Zombie. Then I taught them six adjectives: scary, strong, cute, immortal, real, and old. They then made their own sentences, for example: The witch is old! Or: The zombie is cute! They had a lot of fun with this, and it was quite a rewarding lesson. I think they will probably remember these words quite well, too. After class I handed out candy, but only after they said: “Trick or Treat!” That’s right, I made them say it.

With the fifth graders, I remembered they learned some parts of the body a few weeks ago (head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes…and eyes and ears and mouth and nose, head, shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes.) I added to their repertoire with arm, leg, foot, hand, chest and stomach. Please don’t ask me why they learn knees and toes before arm and leg. Well, I know the answer, it’s because there is no good melody for arm and leg. A also taught them directions, right and left. Then, the real fun began. I brought in two packs of toilet paper and split the classes up into groups of four. They played rock paper scissors to determine a winner, and this person got to become a mummy! As I said a part of the body, the remaining kids in the group wrapped up that appendage! They really had a blast with this, and I was able to get some good pictures in the process. Some of these groups did phenomenal jobs wrapping their mummy, as you will see. One group in particular (I am sure you will be able to pick the correct one from the pictures) did an absurdly good job.

I brought in enough candy for all the kids in the school (300+ students) and brought in my cheesecake for the teachers. All in all a great Friday!

That says “Halloween” in Katakana, by the way

fifth years class 1

Hard at work

They were going for the bed-head mummy look

Now THAT’s a mummy!

Fifth year 2nd class

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  1. dotbearman
    October 31, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    Dashiell…you are truly a gifted teacher…. so imaginative and fun and skilllful… I am very proud of you……today, Chika and her husband, Teru came by with a huge pumpkin which they had carved out for us……we took a photo of it and perhaps we can get it to you….it hardly feels like hallowen as the temperature soared to 80o today.. we think of you a lot. lots of love…foufou and sidney…

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