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Still stuck on Thanksgiving…

On the heels of the quite successful and rather delicious thanksgiving in Hita, the following Sunday November 30 we had another, smaller, thanksgiving dinner in Nakatsu. We decided, lacking an oven, that making yet another turkey should probably be forgone in favor of a slightly smaller bird, preferably one which was already chopped up into little bits. I offered/was placed in charge of the meat, so I spent some time looking up various recipes I could make. I finally decided on a dish called *Bourbon Chicken.* It`s a Southern dish (as it would have to be since Bourbon whiskey is technically only supposed to be made in Kentuuuuckeh.) The original recipe called for it to be backed in marinade for 20-30 minutes, but as I mentioned previously, we did not have an oven at our disposal (in my first draft of this blog, I inexplicably wrote “exposal” instead of “disposal.” I am quite sure that is not actually a word, I have no idea where that came from). Improvising, I simply cooked it in a frying pan instead. Same basic principal, though the heat distribution is different, I suppose. It turned out really good! Maybe not all of the whiskey got cooked off (which aided the taste, for sure) but the sweet of the sugar really came out during the cooking, and along with all the flavors it turned out real tasty. I`ve put the recipe up on my recipe page for your perusal.

Aside from my chicken dish, we had Canadian stuffing, (which was amazing, by the way. It was so thick you almost had to cut it with a knife, but it was probably the best stuffing I`ve had) British salad, and Irish alcohol. It was just the five of us there, which made it feel a lot cozier than the earlier thanksgiving with more than a dozen people in attendance. The only complaint I have is that the next day I had to work, and kind of had a headache for the better part of the morning. Pictures of the second thanksgiving (doesn`t that sound like a biblical term? The last dinner, the second thanksgiving…) can be viewed below.

The spread: Sweet potato/marshmellow mash, salad, stuffing, bourbon chicken.

Gotta highlight my handywork…it’s my blog after all

Our gracious hosts, Georgia and Cam

Left to right: Natalie, Georgia, Cam, Aine (Pronounced Awnia)


The evening later e(de??)volved into all of us hovering over a Nintendo Ds…

I’m huge in Japan!

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  1. dotbearman
    December 11, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    sounds like a real gourmet feast………amazing that you could find bourbon….it is definitely an acquired taste..love foufou

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