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One week, then the next

It’s funny how two back to back weeks can look so different. Last week I posted a blog for three days in a row. This week I haven’t posted anything. I suppose that is just the way it goes, though. I am rather selective with what I put on my blog. I don’t put up everything I write (I write quite a lot…) so there are going to be times like this when I simply don’t have much to say. A daily update on what I did may be interesting to some, but it’s not to me. I’m trying to be a bit more picky, because really, daily life is the same everywhere, whether you are in America or Japan. I write plenty, I only post about half, if that.

Anyway, today is a good day to debut my first creative writing piece. I’m not even sure if it’s creative writing if it’s basically a recount of my trip to school last week, but there it is. Warning, there is some strong language, so I’ll rate it “R” since there are more than three swear words. No nudity though…

The wind whips the drops of water into my exposed face as with each rotation of my wheels, and each absurdly high bump in the road my patience fades, replaced by pure, uncontrollable rage.

“Fucking rain!”

“Fucking wind!”


My shoes, stuffed hastily in a plastic shopping bag, fly out of the bicycle basket into which they had been precariously placed.

“Motherfucking bumps.”

Collecting my fallen shoes the journey continues. Down-shifting yet again, my legs barely extend as I propel my midget bike forward, screaming abuse at the world.

“And by the time I head home, the wind will have shifted and it’ll be in my FUCKING face again.”

Sanity leaves me pedal by pedal. Finally I arrive at school, ten minutes late, my beard dripping with rain, my face contorted into a scowl that would make even godzilla pee his pants. Jiggling my key, I finally snap and pull, hard. The key comes out, the bike tips over.


Replacing my bike I grab my shoes and head inside.

“Ohayo, Dashi-ru sensei!!” Two first grade girls appear around the corner as I enter the school.

A smile. “Good morning!”

This is pretty much how I feel most days…haha


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  1. dotbearman
    March 11, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    maybe you should learn some Japanese swear words or French ones or dutch ones…..then you can really vent y our frustrations… and then most of us won’t know what you are saying… fortunately, not every day is a rainy one….. enjoy the nice days..love foufou

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