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Easter at Chez Dash

Jesus died for our sins. I like to add that he was re-born to give us a day to make delicious food and eat chocolate. This past Sunday we did a little Easter dinner shindig at my apartment, making use of my newest cooking appliance, my oven, which I introduced earlier on. I have not settled on a name for it yet, though that will be soon forthcoming. It may be something like: “Flamin’ Daymon” or something similar. They idea started off with just the four of us (Cam, Georgia, Aine and I) but then some new Keio folk showed up, Kate Mayumi and Natalie were also invited, and all of a sudden there were to be nine people in my apartment. This had me a little flustered as I certainly did not have enough of anything to host nine people, but I powered ahead anyway. Aine was making a soup, Georgia the salad, and the others would bring drinks and pillows. I handled the rest.

Emily, a past Keio employee who returned to America last year, had given me a lot of things to make my kitchen better including plates and forks and knives and other culinary materials, but she also gifted me with a few recipes she had cut out and never had a chance to try. One of them was a spinach and red pepper dish wrapped in steak. (No matter how hard I try I cannot make this dish sound appetizing. The “wrapped in meat” part just sounds really gross.) It looked delicious so I thought I would try it out. I also planned to make a cheese cake for dessert.

I woke up on Sunday at about 10am and began cooking. First I made the cheese cake and put that in the fridge. Then on the fly because I had all the ingredients I decided to make a quiche as well. Finally I put together the main dish and by three in the afternoon I was pretty much done. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up my place and going out to buy some more dishware. As it turned out I did not have to buy them because the two new Keio employees were roped into doing karaoke with their boss and were unable to attend. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t refuse a request to sing karaoke with my new boss either. So instead of nine it turned into seven, which was actually a good thing because an extra two people would have made things just a bit too cramped. Kate and Mayumi, fresh from a costco trip, brought a massive bottle of wine which turned out to be exactly the right size for seven people, and the dinner came out quite well! The main dish was very tasty if a bit on the garlic-y side. The quiche was a bit too runny, perhaps because I removed it from the oven a little earlier than I should have, but all the tastes were there even if the overall “look” wasn’t entirely up to par. The cheese cake is now one of my staples and I’m never worried about, it went over quite well and I managed to give everyone who left a piece which left me with none. Good, less for me to get fat on.

I was personally unable to take any pictures because I was running around doing things until the last minute, but Kate took some quality shots of the food which I have attached below. All credit goes to Kate with her new awesome camera. I know Caitlin will want to know what it is, but I don’t remember. I’ll ask next time.

Delicious kabocha (pumpkin) soup Aine made. I’ve copied down the recipe

A good shot of the meal.

My piece de resistance

Aine and I enjoying the cheese cake

All in all, I am loving my oven, had a wonderful time with some great people, and am well on my way to creating a base of recipes I can draw from when I need to, something which makes me very happy.

How was everyone else’s Easter?!


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  1. Peri
    April 6, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    yum yum. spinach and red pepper meat dish looks quite good! Amazing what good photography can do 😉 Easter in California very sunny and warm–our meal a big western omelet with delish salad. Managed to get the eggs in, although alas not chocolate!

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