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Go to the Space! Go into the space world!

What better to follow a civilized day at an art museum than SPACE WORLD, THE MOST AWESOME, MASSIVE, HUGE, ABSURDLY GINORMOUS AMUSEMENT PARK IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!111

Perhaps I hyperbole, but it did provide somewhat of a contrast! On Sunday at the urging of the newest Keio Academy member Hannah, six of us (Cam, Georgia, Angelo, Kate, Hannah and I) trooped off to Fukuoka prefecture for a day of fun and nausea in the sun! We had seen space world a few times in passing on the train, but this was the first time we had given it the time to actually spend money in it. At 4200 yen per ticket, it was no 300 yen art museum, but it provided a full day of fun all the same!

When we arrived at the gates we were pleasantly surprised to find it not very busy. With theme parks it’s always sort of a crapshoot. Either it’s so busy it ruins it, or it’s so empty you’re a little freaked out as to why exactly there are no people other than you. On Sunday there was the perfect amount of attendance. 10-15 minute waits for all the rides, if that, and enough people walking around to assure us we hadn’t just walked into the final few minutes of “Zombieland.”

The park was actually quite fun! You never know what to expect with Japanese themeparks, but this one had a good amount of ridiculous roller coasters and fun for the whole family entertainment. Our first stop was a haunted house, which we went into laughing, and came out of quite shaken. There was one room in particular that had us all jump a bit. We entered the a room with a wall sized mirror on the left. But was it a mirror?! We couldn’t see our reflections. As we spent some time intently staring at the (non) mirror trying to figure it out, a guy pops out in full alien costume. Now, I didn’t scream, but I may have tinkled a little! It turns out it wasn’t a mirror, just a perfectly created double of the room we were standing in. That may sound obvious to you, but it was really well done. In the next room was yet another actor in alien costume rattling his chains against the bars of the prison cell we all hoped would hold him until we passed through. They did, but it was none the less a very effective haunted house.

That sort of set the stage, and we ended up having a great time. I rode one roller coaster, which for me is quite an achievement, and came out of it feeling woozy and head-achy.

I did not ride this.

Top height: 65 meters. Top speed, 133 km/h

Cam, Angelo, Kate and Hannah did.

There were also a number of water themed rides which we enjoyed thoroughly. We spent a whole day (from 10:30 till close, 6pm) in space world, and after grabbing a dinner at a local mall (but don’t be fooled, the food was delicious!) we headed back fully theme park’d out!

A great end to an eventful weekend!

Is your mind blown?! Mine sure was

Roller Coaster 1

Kate is super excited, and they haven't even started moving yet!

Cam and Georgia enjoying the ride

Can't have "Space World" without a full scale model of the Discovery

Georgia on her high panda. "No pictures please!"


A bit blurry, but that's Mercury up above the moon!

Big ol' Ferris Wheel!

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    May 23, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    what a great thrilling day…….try the merry-go-round too…LOVE FOUFOU

    June 7, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    I so much love reading about your adventures. TO paraphrase an old song, ….how are they gonna return to the farm after they’ve seen Paree…..PARIS…….LOVE FOUFOU

  3. June 8, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Top height: 65 meters. Top speed, 133 km/h ….looks like a pee your pants sort of ride O_O sounds like a fun day =)

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