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Last month I was invited by my friend Nathan (of Nathan and Meghan fame, I’ve mentioned them before) to climb the tallest peak in Kyushu. Of course I said yes, ever the person to say yes to things he doesn’t think too much about.

There turned out to be seven of us who went on the hike, which was very lovely! We took about six hours to climb from start to…er…start again, but we did take a detour to climb not just one, but two peaks on Kuju. Kuju, by the by, is an active volcano.

I didn’t get a ton of really good pictures, which is one of the reasons I haven’t posted about this hike before, but I figure I should share.

Rolling mountains

It was unbelievably muddy that day. My sneakers were totally brown. As were my pants.

The group!

That smoke never stops. It doesn't quite compare to Iceland but...

It was quite a nice day to climb

I really do enjoy hiking, and although I don’t do it often enough, any time someone invites me to go hiking I’m always ready to go, especially now that my lovely parents sent me two very light and very awesome hiking shoes! Yay for parents! They will come in super handy when I hike Mt. Fuji in August!


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  1. Harrie
    May 25, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    The bill is on its way…


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