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I suppose we should be glad we’re famous for something…

Well, Nakatsu has a number of famous points. It’s the former home of Fukichi Yukuzawa, founder of Keio university. Nakatsu has a nice castle. Nakatsu has gorgeous views in Honyabakei and Yamakuni. And Nakatsu has Mud Volleyball.

Today, Sunday June 6th was Nakatsu’s annual mud volleyball tournament. Due to some forward planning by our AJET president Nick and our local heroine Kate, we managed to secure a hard to get spot in the line-up! I was content this year to simply watch on the sidelines, but most certainly came out to support our troops! We all gathered at the rice field where the event was to be held at 8:40 am.

The team photo

Apart from our team there were a lot of other teams with wonderful costumes participating, a small sample of which can be seen below:

This is a reference to some Japanese T.V. show

The two teams posing together

Blue man group Japan also had an entry.

As did these Chinese "women"

We lost our first game in embarrassing fashion, 38-9. Still, photo ops are always appreciated.

Cam showing us what's up

Match two was a much better result, as we thumped the other team 32-17. Though I must admit we didn’t win the game, the other team lost it. But you gotta take it when you can! Oita JET A team put out a solid effort, with some nice spikes and some nasty wobbly big volley balls.

Game 2!

There's Kelsey serving up a mean piece of volleyball

Thayne also wanted a piece of the action

Josephine really got into the spirit of things!

Even some of the non players got muddy!

It was incredibly hot out today, the sun bright in the sky, but the festivities were a blast, and even though we didn’t get to compete for the cup (there actually is one…) we all had a great time checking out everyone getting extremely muddy. I’ll certainly be participating next year!


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