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Seoul, the Third: Things you don’t see everyday

Japan isn’t the only country to have some issues with English. There were a fair few oddities in Korea as well, though generally they did a much better job. Here follow a few of the odder pictures I took in Korea, both linguistically and just those I couldn’t fit into my regular blog posting!

That’s not very nice…

I couldn’t figure out whether it was made by chickens, or for chickens, or of chickens…

Most of Seoul’s starbucks were normal, but this one (apparently due to some issues with trying to keep the district “historical”) was written all in Hangul!

Way Out. They are nothing if not to the point in Korea.

This is a watermelon. Someone carved that into its skin.

Like I said, they don’t mince words, nor are they exceptionally descriptive in Korea. Gets the job done though!

I found myself wondering why it was important for us to know where that silhouette is. I’d rather know where I am myself, that’s why I’m staring at the map!

This is the Kolon building. It houses a business called JoyKolon. It could be worse…it could be PainKolon. Or RupturedKolon

Apparently Jackie Chan does more than act. He’s a restaurant proprietor as well!

This one’s for the Japanese readers out there. Spot the mistake!

A shout out to Boston!

And that ends my three day series on Korea! Before I head off to America/Mt. Fuji for two weeks coming up I will try and post a recap of my year here in Japan. There will be pictures I have posted, and pictures I haven’t, but I think it will be nice to be able to scroll through one blog post and see all the things I’ve done this year. I’ve selected the pictures and there are 203 of them! Considering how many photos I have on my hard drive though, that’s absolutely nothing. I may make a slide show somewhere and share that instead of trying to post all the pictures on the blog which might just be a bit too much.


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