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Sliding down the waterfall

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A couple of weeks ago Angelo (a teacher at Keio Academy in town) and I discovered a really nice little water hole out in Hon yabakei, about 30 minutes out of downtown Nakatsu. It’s really beautiful, and to top it all off you can actually slide down the waterfall which feeds the pool! For those more adventurous people there is an even higher cliff you can jump off, too. The pool is so deep even though I did my best I couldn’t touch the bottom, which is impressive since I’m quite tall. I did not slide down the waterfall that time (I didn’t bring my swimsuit) but I did experience it when we went back the next weekend. Sorry, no pictures of me! Here are a few of the area though!

The swimming hole

Nature's slide!

I didn't quite get the picture off in time, but he jumped from all the way up there! SCARY!

Admiring the waterfall from below.

There goes Angelo!

View from the top!

Who's that shadowy figure on the rock face I wonder!

After the waterfall we went and checked out a nearby shrine called “Rakkanji” We were unable to enter the actual shrine since it closes at 5, but we walked around a bit and found a little structure built into the side of the mountain.

Buddhas hiding from the sun.

Rakkanji 1

The steps were pretty steep! I had just climbed Mt. Fuji though, so that was no problem for me!

The rice is SO green

We were the only ones there.

Did I mention the rice was green...?

Walking back down

A traditional thatched roof house!

The day was really hot but it was nice to get out and check out some local sights after having been in the U.S. and Tokyo for two weeks.

I’ve got a few more trips to talk about when I have the time, so look forward to those!


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