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A Glimpse into Living Alone

Living alone changes you. It changes you for the better, and for the worse as well. You just have to hope that the “for the better” parts outweigh the “for the worse” parts. I am not sure which category the following glimpse falls into. Perhaps I’ll let you all decide.


Today I finally ran out of hand soap. I’ve had the same bottle of hand soap for oh, four months now, because I live alone and though I wash my hands like a regular person, I just don’t use all that much of it. Now to some (or all) of you this may be a pretty mundane occurrence.  “You just buy new hand soap and get on with it!” I hear you mumble. And for you sane, non alone living folks that’s probably the most predictable thought. However, when I finally squeezed the last drop of hand soap out of my pump thingy attached to the hand soap bottle, I did a little dance. And not a little dance in my head. I did it for realsies. Because who’s watching besides the vanity (that judgemental bastard…good thing it doesn’t speak, it just stares at you with its lightbulb eyes.)


Those of you who know me well (or even a little bit, so basically everyone) knows that I have a limited number of dance moves. Three to be exact, though recently I’ve been working on my Michael Jackson moonwalk and the leg kick. Again, in front of the vanity. So I did my little white boy spasm dance move. I did a little robot. I even grabbed my crotch and squeeled while pointing to the stars. Apparently I get a lot of my inspiration from Michael Jackson…but I digress. The important thing in this paragraph is that I did a little dance because my hand soap was finished. And why?! Because I bought a new hand soap! The kind that turns from a liquid into a foam straight out of the pump!!!


I love me some scientific mysteries, so excuse me if I get just a little giddy every time I shake the new hand soap bottle to make sure it’s liquid-y inside, then squeeze the pump and get foam in my hand! And that’s basically my independent life in a nutshell. I buy my own stuff now, and that includes cleaning products, soap, etc., and that’s exciting! It might not be to you, but it is to me. It might not be looking forward to something huge like a new bed or a piano, but it’s those tiny little things that can really lift your spirits after you’ve had a bad day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lonely shut in or anything. I’m not a hermit and have a perfectly fine social life. But coming home to your own apartment and feeling giddy about changing to an awesome new foamy hand soap is something I’ve only come to appreciate since I began living on my own.


The way I see it, if you can’t get excited about the little things, life gets a whole lot harder over all.



It smells like grapes!!

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  1. February 7, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Haha I DON’T live alone and I still get excited about using new things! No crotch-grabbing, however.

    February 18, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    loved photos and the blog and you…..foufou

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