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Picture Perfect Pizza Party

This past Saturday I hosted the first party at my place in a looooong while. I usually don’t keep my place super clean, and since I’m not willing to have people over while my place is a mess, I usually don’t host parties. However, I had decided a while ago I really should host a party, so plans were made. Thanks to the mud volleyball event the weekend before my place was actually clean!

Keeping the momentum going, I managed to keep my place relatively clean during the week and so was able to have a pizza party at my place. I only invited a few people because I wanted to keep things small. Alex came over earlier to prep the dough, and I made a delicious pizza sauce to go along with it! We had tons of ingredients! The usual – salami, spinach, pineapple, cheese, mozerella, basil, peppers of various colors, olives…and we had some typical Japanese pizza ingredients – shrimp, corn, mayonaisse.

People started arriving around 7 (there were five of us in total.) It was all delicious, though I felt slightly discriminated against since I lack the ability to create a perfect pizza circle. Something Shirin still won’t let go. To be fair, her pizzas were spectacularly round, where-as the ones Alex and I attempted were…of various shapes.

Taste is paramount, however! Please enjoy these delicious pizza pictures.


Is there anything better than a pizza margherita? How about a square one?!

One of Shirin's many fine circles, a skill crafted after many years of apprenticeship to an Indian mother.

10 Dash Dollars to those (who didn't make the pizza) who can tell me what all is on here!

Forgot the cheese! - or - "Healthy Pizza"

Cheesy crust!

Alex's face pizza. I think he might be compensating for something, because he doesn't have that much spinach! ZING

I've never eaten a more delicious face.

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  1. Shirin
    June 15, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    a)You love being discriminated against.
    b)taste is paramount and my pizza tasted best! (Actually Alex’s face pizza with a bit of everything on it tasted best!)
    c) for 10 Dash Dollars (Im a bit scared of what one can buy with this currency…), what isn’t on my pizza?

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